About Us

Why Work with MicroScreen?

When you are searching for a new supplier for stencils, screens, or microelectronics accessories, you need a partner you can trust to deliver effective, reliable solutions. Since 1981, that is exactly what we have been doing. We pride ourselves on our unrivaled customer service, quick turnaround times, and knowledgeable sales representatives to answer all your needs. We are here to provide products to help simplify your processes and ensure your success.


The MicroScreen Mission

We do more than just manufacture and ship out stencils and screens. Our mission is to combine our industry-leading equipment and technical expertise with excellent customer support and fast delivery for an unbeatable customer experience. Our quality control process is certified through ISO 9001:2015 Standards, we only use the finest materials available, and we measure, test, and document every stage of the production process. With same-day shipping options available for our stencils and fast turnaround times for our entire inventory, we promise to quickly provide you with a high-quality product that’s fully suited to fit your needs.


A Customized Approach to Comprehensive Solutions

Being a mid-size company means we understand both ends of the business spectrum. We are big enough to have a national brand presence that allows us to work with enterprise-level customers while still maintaining the ability to take on smaller, labor-intensive jobs that larger corporations cannot manage. No matter what, we take a personalized look at each customer’s needs and deliver unwavering customer service for companies of all sizes.


Decades of Experience in Screens and Stencils

Starting in 1981, MicroScreen has served the stencils and screen industries with the highest of standards. Our team consists of some of the longest-standing experts in the industry that continue to use their knowledge and experience to create innovative solutions to any conflict or application that comes our way.

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