Microelectronics Screen Printing

Electronic printing and packaging demand precision screens—and that’s what we deliver. To continuously produce the highest quality of screens, we’ve developed quality control procedures across all manufacturing process variables. With component traceability, certification of mesh and emulsion thickness, and dimensional inspection of artwork and finished screens, we build quality into every step of screen production. Whether you need screens or accessories for printing conductive and non-conductive inks and epoxies, adhesives for sealing electronic circuits, or a variety of other projects, we provide the right products for your application.


What Sets Our Screens Apart

  • Our ISO-9001:2015 Quality System and our continuous quality improvement processes are designed to find ways to tweak our screens to maximize your production yields.
  • We offer free evaluations to examine your artwork and make necessary adjustments
  • Machine coating allows for uniform emulsion thickness
  • Mesh tension is checked and recorded
  • Measurements of critical features are included as part of our inspection process

Frames and Mesh

High quality frames and mesh are the cornerstones of effective screens, and we offer options to fit your individual specifications.



Creating controlled, uniform prints starts with proper emulsion application. Browse our selection to find the type of emulsion that works for your project.


Artwork and Photoplotting

If you need to adjust the data for your artwork files, trust our team of professionals to thoroughly analyze and properly convert your files.


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Get in touch with our team and let us know how we can help!