Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) Stencils and Accessories

When you’re producing printed circuit boards (PCBs), it’s crucial to work with people, equipment, and tooling that offer precision and reliability to create an effective product. With decades of experience delivering SMT stencils to the microelectronics industry, we know what you need and deliver solutions that work. Our stencil lasers provide complete AOI validation on every feature as the stencil is being cut, and any missed apertures can be resolved immediately. All stencils are laser-cut with the high-precision Tannlin T11 system and are each shipped with a conformance report. This is accuracy you can trust.

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What are stencils used for?

Stencils make it easier to apply solder paste to your PCB when placing surface-mount components. This lets you build boards faster and increase your yields.


What Sets Our Stencils Apart

  • Same-day shipping, at NO EXTRA CHARGE, is available for all stencils accepted and approved by 3PM EST.
  • All stencils are 100% custom-built from scratch to match your specific data.
  • We offer free evaluations to examine your data and make tailored recommendations.
  • Our attention to detail on each product helps you save time and money.

Step Stencils

Easily integrate mixed components onto a single PCB with our variety of step stencils.



Enhance your cleaning process with nanocoatings that repel solder paste, improve print transfer, and increase line yield.


Artwork and Design Services

Let us help increase your print yields with design assistance tailored to your specific needs.


Stencil Accessories

Get tools to augment your process and help with tasks like stencil cleaning and inspections.

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A Team of SMT Stencil Experts

The team at MicroScreen has a combined 50+ years of experience in the SMT industry. This means your service is backed by extensive knowledge that allows us to respond promptly with a check plot, quotes, or whatever you need to keep your process moving. Our technicians are prepared to optimize your data your way while making sure the design and specifications allow for proper area ratios. Plus, if you’re facing a specific problem, we’ll suggest IPC 7525B stencil design guidelines or customized designs.