Stencil Accessories to Enhance Your Production Process

Whether you’re looking for a reliable cleaning solution or a tool to aid in your visual inspections, our variety of stencil accessories deliver benefits for your operations. Browse our selection of accessories to find the product that fits your needs.


PCB Stencil Cleaner

The StencilCleanTM Stencil and Squeegee Cleaning Wipes remove solder paste, flux residues, fingerprints, uncured epoxy residues, and more from stencils. These heavy-duty wipes create no lint and don’t rip, and they’re excellent replacements for methylene, chloride, acetone, and other solvents.


Product specifications:

  • Pre-saturated wipes
  • Water and alcohol mix
  • Unique “slam-shut” package for long service life
  • ESD-safe

SMT Inspection Template

Use this laser-cut guide to visually inspect your PCB’s SMT features. This tool lets you lay the template over the board to ensure all components have been properly placed. If needed, it can also be used as a rework template.


Product specifications:

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Component ID and polarity indicators can be engraved
  • Thickness of 10-20 mil.

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