Artwork and Photoplotting

Screen Artwork and Photoplotting Data Manipulation Services

If you find that you need manipulation for functions like scaling, increasing or decreasing in size, or step and repeat capabilities, we’re here to help. We’ll make sure your artwork (a mylar film of your image that is used to expose screens) is fully prepared for printing projects now and in the future.


Our Data Editing Process

  • Convert your files (Gerber, DXF, DWG, and GDS) to the proper format
  • Apply necessary edits
  • Send checkplots to you for approval
  • Send files to be photoplotted

Artwork and Photoplotting Process

  • Your artwork is transferred directly to the screen
  • Screen artwork is measured at critical line widths and spacings
  • Measurements are compared to the same areas on the exposed screen for certification
  • Image resolution is 1/4 mil (4,000 DPI) or 1/8 mil (8,000 DPI)
  • All of your artwork information is saved for future orders

Get Artwork Optimization Services

Let us help optimize your artwork! Get in touch to set up your service.