Photosensitive Emulsions

If you need to meet requirements like durability, fine resolution, or resistance to solvents or water, there are various types of photosensitive emulsions available. Use these products to smooth out the surface structure of your mesh or match your specified level of emulsion buildup or overall screen thickness.


Emulsion Application

In order to create uniform coating pressure, precise coater movements, and thickness repeatability, we use automatic, PLC-controlled machines when applying emulsions. We set parameters like number of coats, speed, dwell time, and length of coating to create results that can’t be accomplished by any other method.

Types of Emulsions


This photopolymer emulsion offers excellent edge definition, fine resolution, and resistance to solvents. Exposure time is 50% less than that of most standard emulsions.


MS-15 is a capillary emulsion (sheet-form) available in a full range of thicknesses and materials. This is ideal for specialized applications that require extra durability.


Consider MS-20 for a water-resistant, photopolymer-based option that offers some solvent resistance.


Use MS-22 with most aggressive inks and solvents, including NMP (N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone).


MS-48 is a liquid capillary emulsion that we custom-coat utilizing specialized machinery to meet your specific thickness requirements. This product is ideal for printing thick layers of adhesives or epoxy.

What Emulsion works best for your screens?

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