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MicroScreen's Large Format Graphics Screens

MicroScreen, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected manufacuturers of high performance printing screens, has expanded its capabilities into very large format graphic screens. MicroScreen now offers high quality screens for high resolution printing of images up to 8’ x 13’. Screen frames are fabricated in house with advance TIG and robotic MIG welding systems. These frames are then pre-bowed to maintain high tension covered with high quality low elongation polyester mesh to custom tension specifications. They can be provided with or without emulsion coatings or with print images as completely finished ready-to-print screens. Used frames can be returned, reclaimed, and re-stretched with the same or different mesh.

Why Choose MicroScreen for Large Format Graphics?

MicroScreen now delivers the same high accuracy quality screens in these large form factors that it has previously only provided in smaller precision stainless screens for the electronics industry. With MicroScreen’s completely in-house frame welding capability, high quality screens in any custom size can be delivered quickly at very reasonable prices. MicroScreen’s four decades of printing expertise empowers us to solve printing challenges in large format automotive glass, recreational and fleet vehicles, marine products, and architectual glass quickly, efficiently, and at reasonable prices.

MicroScreen’s plants in South Bend, Indiana, and New Braunfels, Texas, are strategically located within a one-day delivery distance of a large portion of the RV, automotive, and fleet vehicle industries, speeding response times and lowering freight costs for screen delivery.

MicroScreen’s advanced TIG and robotic MIG welding systems can produce frames in any size desired, from very small (4”x 5”) up to 20 feet in length. Tubular aluminum appropriate to the frame sizes (from ½” square with .062” sidewalls to 2”x 5” tubes with .250” sidewalls) is cut to customer specified lengths and widths, welded, and finished to produce the frames. Additional optional features, including corner gussets for added strength, screw nut and bushing inserts for mounting, and pre-bowing for screen tension, can be added as necessary.

Thinner solid core aluminum can also be utilized for low-profile screen production.

All screen frames are rough sanded on one side for superior mesh glue adhesion when making the frames into screens.

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Re-Stretching Services

Used large format screens can be returned to MicroScreen facilities to be stripped of their old mesh, blasted to clean them to bare metal, and then re-stretched to customer specifications to be re-used as new. Like new frames, these re-stretched frames are available in three formats: mesh only, with thread count and mesh tension to customer specifications; with emulsion coated to customer specified thickness; or as a finished, ready-to-print screen with the customer’s image already applied and exposed on the emulsion screen.

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MicroScreen offers a variety of emulsions that are designed to work with water-based and solvent-based inks. We can coat screens to a wide range of emulsion thicknesses, from just a few microns to a thousand microns, with very high thickness accuracy and repeatability.

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