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MicroScreen is your source for innovative, high quality precision screens for automotive applications. Whether you are printing windshields, rear windows, side mirrors, dashboards, thick film circuits for engine sensors, or moldable conductive inks for seat and steering wheel heaters, we have the knowledge and expertise to build the screens you need.

Custom screens for graphics

Large-format screens up to 6' x 12'

Suitable for fleet or OEM vehicles

Screens for printing moldable plastic circuits

Rapid turnaround on custom screen work

Custom engineering services and support

Knowledge and Experience When It Counts

You can't maintain yields and process control if you can't depend on the consistent quality of your screens. You need a screen supplier whose products and services are responsive to the dynamics of your tough manufacturing challenges.

  • Covered and sensitized or finished, ready-to-print screens in small to very large format
  • High grade, low-elongation polyester mesh plus standard and ultra-fine stainless steel mesh
  • Water-resistant, solvent-resistant, and capillary emulsions in custom thicknesses
  • Cast and welded aluminum frames

Save Time and Money With Our Expert Knowledge of Screens

We use the very best of leading equipment and material suppliers from all over the world to make the highest quality fine line screens made anywhere. Custom Swiss-mnade wire mesh stretching equipment and the highest grade ultra-fine wire polyester and stainless steel mesh are used to make screens to tight tension tolerances. Specialized European coating machines apply dozens of different emulsion options in thicknesses from 6 to 1000 microns within very tight tolerances. Precision exposure sources are available to add print images for finished, ready-to-print, screens.


Your Reliable Screen Supplier

In our ISO-9001 certified factories in South Bend, Indiana, and New Braunfels, Texas, our teams of highly trained professionals use the latest equipment and materials available to build the most reliable screens from the ground up. Our clean rooms and facilities are designed to produce thousands of screens per week, each held to the highest quality standards.

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