Screen Types

A Variety of Screen Types to Meet Your Project Objectives

Screen problems on your thick film line impact production, scheduling, and profitability. You can’t maintain yields and process control if you can’t depend on the consistent quality of your screens. That’s why you need a screen supplier whose products and services are responsive to the dynamics of your tough assembly challenges—and we’re ready to be that supplier.

Screen Options

Stretched Screens

Before using these mesh-only screens, you must apply emulsion and expose the image. This is the most basic type of screen, consisting of only mesh bonded to the frame, and is typically used by customers with large in-house photo-tooling and emulsion coating capabilities.

Image Ready Screens

Sensitized (emulsion-applied) screens let you expose your image before washing it out and using the screen to print. Image ready screens are less expensive than finished options and are applicable to all market segments, including automotive, electronics, medical, and containers. These screens are typically used by customers with very frequent design changes.

Finished Screens

Fully processed and ready for production, these screens are emulsion-coated and completely exposed, developed, and hardened to your specifications. These are typically used in high volume production and in the most precise and demanding print applications.

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