Custom Welded Frames

Quality Frames for a Variety of Applications

MicroScreen’s advanced TIG and robotic MIG welding systems can produce frames in a variety of sizes. We cut the tubular aluminum to the appropriate length and width for the frame size, then weld and finish them to produce the frames. We can also include additional optional features, like corner gussets for added strength, and screw nut and bushing inserts for mounting.

Available frame sizes range from 4”x 5” up to 20 feet in length

Thinner solid-core aluminum available for low-profile screens

Tubular aluminum available in sizes from .250” square with .062” sidewalls to 2”x 5” with .250” sidewalls

All screen frames rough sanded on one side for superior mesh glue adhesion when making the frames into screens

Textile frames are made in nine standard sizes as well as unlimited custom sizes in 1 ½”x 1 ½” alloy 6062 aluminum tube. Large format frames can be made with larger aluminum tube extrusions with overall sizes up to 10’ x 20’


High Quality, Affordable Tubular Aluminum Frames

MicroScreen now delivers 100% USA-made high accuracy tubular aluminum screen frames in all the standard textile screen sizes (including 16x20, 20x24, 20x28, 23x31 and 25x36). With our completely in-house TIG and robotic MIG welding systems, MicroScreen can deliver affordable, high quality screens quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

MicroScreen’s plants in South Bend, Indiana, and New Braunfels, Texas, are strategically located in proximity to a large portion of the textile screen market, resulting in lower freight costs for frame delivery.

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