Stencil Types

A Variety of SMT Stencil Types to Fit Your Needs

Accurate production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) requires precise stencils. Whether you need step-down or step-up areas or want a specific thickness for standoffs, connectors, thru-hole components, or areas that need increased paste volume and deposit, our solutions can help. We deliver high quality, reliable products that are backed by our extensive industry experience and custom-built to fit your specific needs.

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Rework Stencils

Used to repair printed circuit boards (PCBs), rework stencils promote accuracy and speed during this process. When components of a PCB must be removed and re-soldered, a rework stencil can be used to work with only the component footprints that are placed on the board, hand-printing them to deposit solder where needed.


Stencil Frame Options

Explore our variety of available stencils to determine which is the best fit for your project.


Material Options

Different projects call for different materials, so we offer a selection to meet your specific needs.

Stencil Frame Options

Tubular Frames

This common, low-cost option offers size flexibility. The frame type and size will depend on the type of printer you’re using.

  • Sizes:
    • Up to 29” x 29” x 1.5”
    • Larger custom sizes are available upon request.

Large Format

Large format frames can be used to manufacture LED lighting or anything with large panels of circuitry.

  • Sizes:
    • 29x59 or larger
    • Custom sizes available.

Space Saver

When floor space is crucial, consider a space-saving option. These frames occupy half the floor storage room as a standard thickness frame, and the thinner frames attach to a master adapter to create a regular-size stencil.

  • Sizes:
    • 23x23
    • 29x29


Often cheaper than a mounted stencil with a frame, frameless options are space-saving alternatives, taking up a fraction of the storage area. QTS and Apshen foil pair with specific master frames.

QTS frames reduce the storage space needed on the production floor and eliminate frame recycling as well as the associated internal documentation. Starting at a lower base price than other options, this frame also reduces shipping costs on outbound foils.


When you invest in one Apshen foil, you can use multiple foils. This offers more space-saving efficiency than conventional framed stencils.

  • Sizes:
    • QTS available in 23x23
    • Apshen available in 23x23, 23x29, and 29x29

Standard Cast

Standard cast stencils are popular options that offer a variety of sizes at a low cost. The best size and frame type for your project will vary depending on the type of printer you use.

  • Sizes: from 5x5 to 29x29
  • Custom sizes available.

Material Options


Our fiber optic lasers for SMT stencils feature a 20um beam size. This means that with the appropriate materials, we can resolve apertures that push the envelope on area and aspect ratios.


The premium stencil option is Datum Tension, which is comprised of a finer grain structure for extremely smooth sidewalls and is ideal for miniaturized or high-density boards.


PhD ensures exceptionally flat stencils with excellent paste release properties and consists of a uniform structure for repeatability and process control. Datum PhD exhibits low residual stress making it resistive to heat distortion and is our default material.

Stencil Data and Software

In order to best work with your Gerber data, DXF files, or ODB++, we’ve invested in the latest versions of several software systems. Our editors can create paste layers—if they’re not included in the PCB package—as well as panelize your single-up Gerber files into an array and add panel fiducials. Your files will be archived in our system for easy access in the future, and we’ll provide paste layer reports that include paste volume and area and aspect ratios at your request.

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