Step Stencils

Gain Precision and Accuracy with Step Stencil Technology

Integrating mixed components with different paste requirements onto a single printed circuit board (PCB) is simplified with step stencils. Use these stencils to streamline the assembly process accurately and precisely adjust solder paste volumes in isolated areas of your board.


Step-Up and Step-Down Stencils

Additional paste for connectors or pin-in-paste can be achieved in one area while eliminating shorts on a QFN in another area on the same stencil with multi-level step stencils. Stencils with relief areas can be designed to protect flex circuitry or other populated components on your PCB.

Understand Your Stencils

Before you order, make sure you have the information you need about your stencils. Read our frequently asked questions to learn more about your options and how stencils can be best used to fit your project.

Types of Step Stencils

Laser-Welded Stencils

The latest technology to create stepped stencils, laser welding lets you weld a step-up or step-down feature to the stainless steel foil. Laser-welded stencils can allow for multiple thicknesses on one stencil, but are best for stepping up or down 1-2 mil.

Milled Steps

Milled steps are the ideal choice for step-down stencils, particularly for large steps, multiple step areas, and relief areas. Providing smoother transitions between thicknesses, milled steps offer high surface quality and excellent thickness uniformity and accuracy.

Chemical-Etch Steps

Create stencil foils and generate thinner areas on a stencil by using etchant to dissolve certain areas to your desired thickness.

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