Textile Screens

Advanced and Cost-Effective Textile Screens

Now the oldest and most advanced technical screen maker in the United States brings over half a decade of screen making expertise to bring forth the most advanced and cost-effective line of textile screens ever made available.


How Our Screens Are Superior

We offer a variety of frame sizes, mesh options, coatings, and finishing options. Our premium experienced screen assembly is 100% manufactured in the USA for a comparable to lower grade screens made overseas. Decades worth of expertise has been combined with advanced robotic welding equipment and industry leading Swiss made screen stretching and coating machines to produce the finest and longest lasting textile screens made anywhere at incredibly affordable prices.

Industry Uses For Our Textile Screens










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Textile Screen Re-Stretching Services

MicroScreen also offers screen re-stretching services for your textile screens. We understand the importance of making sure the mesh is calibrated for your screen, so every print is consistent and accurate. We offer mesh counts ranging from 15-380 so you have the right mesh for your application.


Emulsion Coated Screens

We offer screens coated with our MS-14 emulsion so your prints have precise edge definition, fine resolution, and resistance to solvents. Screens with our MS-14 emulsion give you 50% less exposure time so you can spend less time waiting, and more time producing prints.


Robotic MIG Welding Systems

MicroScreen utilizes advanced Robotic MIG welding systems to produce high quality textile frames in all your favorite standard sizes plus custom sizes to your specification on request. These fully automated work cells allow MicroScreen to deliver consistently high quality all US made textile screens at extremely competitive prices. Supply chain volatility shipping delays are avoided. In addition, MicroScreen can make custom size frames in any size desired, from very small 4”x5” frames to frames up to 20 feet in length. Thinner solid core aluminum can also be utilized for low profile screen production. Interested in just purchasing bare frames?


We offer the following standard screen sizes:






We make custom sized screens as well

If your application requires a size not listed, contact us.

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